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I am only the artist. This bunch of characters you'll meet here won't leave me alone. They wanted their own blog, so here we are. Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Cavity Tooth Fairy

Everyone knows about the beautiful and lovely and generous Tooth Fairy ~ but have you ever met her cousin, the Cavity Tooth Fairy?  
The Cavity Tooth Fairy always carries new & colorful toothbrushes in her cape to leave under pillows.
She often wears pretend cavity-ridden teeth just for fun. (my sister Rebecca let me borrow these - for which I am very grateful)
Here is a full view of her cape, with polka-dot straps, and a sparkly metallic flower just because it was a nice touch.
Here are some sweet accessories she wears ~
The Cavity Tooth Fairy carries pliers because she's not coming to pick up a cute-little-happy-tooth-that-fell-out-gracefully, but rather to pull out the cavity-ridden tooth that is causing so much pain.  Oh, and no $$ is left for those she visits ~ in fact, the other side of her wand reads, "Uhm...YOU OWE ME $".

Here's hoping you NEVER meet this lesser known Tooth Fairy!~