Artist Note. . .

I am only the artist. This bunch of characters you'll meet here won't leave me alone. They wanted their own blog, so here we are. Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And here I am, all finished up and pretty.  Pretty refreshed with my super-sized iced caramel, cinnamon and mocha latte (not any of that decaf or non-fat nonsense).  
Love the way my hair swings in the breeze, too.  I am, after all, such a carefree sort of girl.  
And, so thankful I can walk about freely while I sip, and not up to my neck in that gritty sand at the beach.
No telling how much sand I would've had to drink! 

It's a beautiful day, so off on my walk now.... cheers to you, and hope your Spring has sprung for you!


  1. I love Kendra! sooo cute with her drink in hand. Love your work!

  2. Thank you, kindly, ms. chocolat!! you are quite talented yourself, with your delicious creations!